One on one Personal Training sessions in our boutique studio & park area. We aim to get results with what you want to suceed in, with your body goals. Whether that is strength training, cross fit training, resistance training, cardio training or rehabiltaion. We aim to provide realistic and honest advice which will guide you on your path to success. We aim to create a supportive & strong environment which will help give you the support for ongoing positive lifestyle habits! Part of the in depth service we provide is weigh in and measures, along with nutrional information and guidance to coincide with your training.


The fastest way to get great results in weight loss is one on one cardio fitness training. This is personalised training  to suit your fitness level, goals, and any injuries or physical concerns that you may have.  Nic and Karen will motivate, drive and create interest  in a variety of one on one cardio fitness. This can include cross training fitness sessions, boxing, kettlebells, running in the park, dumbbell, barbell, and medicine ball work, TRX band work, rope work, and more. In our fully equipped personal training studio & our gorgeous park opposite, we can also provide training with a partner of a friend in the one session. This will give you a level of intensity that is suited specifically to you and your partner. We want to reach your goals. We have trained and supported many people goal oriented to lose weight, get fit, rehabilitate, and get fitter and stronger for their sport or official run/marathon. For that competitive edge, partner up with someone in cardio fitness training, or you also have the option of joining one of our group sessions.




We offer small group fitness sessions which cater for all fitness levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This is a great competitive, social, fun, and a variation of exercise. It is also a great add on to your personal training to really meet your fitness or weight loss goals. Our group sessions will help support, encourage, and motivate you with our variety of exercise. Let us meet your personal goals – let’s work together - YES! Our group sessions include cardio and interval sessions, as well as yoga classes.




To assist and support you with a specialised Fit N Fab Nutritionist who will assist you with the tools  and knowledge to make good food choices, eating healthy to achieve your goals, while achieving ongoing & realistic  healthy food practices that you can sustain for life. This includes weekly meal plans, personalised assistance with one on one consultations, and ongoing special access to our VIP Nutrition Plus blog. We will also take before and after photographs with your weigh and measures & this helps keep you accountable.

You will always have support with Fit N Fab Fitness.