About Us...

Nic, and Karen have over 20 years of accumulated Personal and Group Session Training experience between them. This includes Strength Training, Cross Training, Functional Fitness, Boxing, Yoga, and Pilates. We will look after all of your personal training & fitness needs in a private studio that we want to become your happy place. We have all of the essential equipment to provide all of your strength and cardio needs. Comfort and satisfaction is important and we have created this in our...your studio. We also have the convenience of a beautiful park that sits directly opposite our studio. We have the best of both worlds with indoor and outdoor training available.


We are determined to ensure you have the best experience possible. We focus on your needs within an intimate environment, and we care. We want to make looking after your fitness needs our priority. We work with you, we listen to you; using our skills, knowledge and experience to guide and help you achieve your goals.


We specialise in health, fitness and nutrition to ensure that you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Nic and Karen have studied a Certificate 3 in Nutrition. We incorporate a holistic approach by giving advice on fitness and nutrition. This comprehensive service can be as basic or involved as you like. We offer a weigh and measure for each client, and can provide general nutritional advice right up to specific nutritional information and giving meal plans.


Our philosophy is based on helping our clients adopt a healthy lifestyle, and living your lives to their full capacity.


Nic, and Karen at Fit N Fab Fitness focus on:


-          Promoting wellness through education in good eating choices and habits

-          Genuine care and support

-          Long term, realistic, and practical solutions


Let's make looking after your health and fitness needs our priority! We can do it for YOU.


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